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Positive Clearblue digital pregnancy test

After an initial negative test on day 23 (8 or 9 days post ovulation) then the faint 2nd line incident on day 25, Dan and I discussed how it would be much clearer if the test result just said “pregnant” or “not pregnant”! Despite me reading that even a faint line means you are pregnant as it has detected the hCG hormone, Dan just wasn’t fully convinced. There wasn’t enough in our favor to assume this was a successful attempt of pregnancy.

Following the very faint line test result from the First Response pregnancy test yesterday, we both had to go off to work and carry on as if everything was normal! That was tough! All day I felt myself grinning while staring at my computer screen, which must have looked pretty odd as I usually wear a grumpy, stressed face to the office these days. Anyway, after quite a few text messages to each other, a very long day at work and meeting a friend for lunch who I would have loved to have shared our recent experience with (I was very close with her throughout her pregnancy and she can’t wait for me to get pregnant), we eventually got back home.

To my surprise, Dan had a Clearblue Digital Test waiting for me! He was very eager for me to try it but I read on the packet that if you are testing before the day of a missed period, you should use the first urine of the day as it is more concentrated making the hCG hormone easier to detect. I collected some urine and it was very pale in color, that is, it wasn’t very concentrated as was my morning sample. The morning pee is very yellow in color. I didn’t think this was going to be strong enough for the Clearblue Digital test, and since the Clearblue is a little more expensive we didn’t want to waste using it. We couldn’t just do nothing though! We still had a second generic pregnancy test that I got free with my First Response test and decided to try that one. Even though it wasn’t my first urine of the day, this generic test is supposed to give a result 4 days before your period is due (day 25 for me).

We tested it and waited very impatiently for 10 minutes (this test is not fast to develop!) to read the result. It was shambles. The pink control line appeared pretty much straight away and was very thick and solid. The rest of the strip was smudged with the pink dye and it was very unclear if there was anything there. I could vaguely detect a thicker smudge of pink but there was no way this was readable as a positive result. Our only choice was to wait for tomorrow morning and do the Clearblue test. By this point, we had re-examined the morning’s First Response test several times and were both pretty certain that the fainter 2nd line was much more obvious now. I think it may get clearer as the test paper dries out – if you’ve used the fertility monitor strips, I often find the same with those. After a few hours, the background is pretty much back to clear white, leaving any dye line, faint or strong more obvious. On that note, we went out for a meal to celebrate! When we got back, the pink smudge had cleared and left behind another very, very faint 2nd line on the One Step generic pregnancy test. Can you believe it?

This morning I eagerly jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm sounded to collect some urine. Dan stirred in the bed. I returned to the bedroom with the test in hand as I couldn’t undo the wrapper anyway but also wanted Dan to be ready. I dipped the test strip into the sample and we set the timer expecting up to 3 minutes for a result. As it’s digital, it just shows an egg timer symbol while it reads the result (again similar to the flashing test strip symbol if you’ve used the Clearblue fertility monitor). So we’re watching…watching…watching, then at about 40 seconds in, it changed. We were both taken aback at the speed of the result and didn’t quite know what to do. We looked at each other, looked at the test result, looked at each other again. It read pregnant.

It took another minute or so to show the conception indicator, which appeared as 2-3 weeks. This is a little confusing as today is 11 days post ovulation so I can only be 10 or 11 days pregnant (not quite 2 weeks yet), however, perhaps 2-3 weeks means I’m likely in the 2nd or 3rd week of pregnancy (I am in my 2nd week).

Definitely a positive test now though! Absolutely clear and no more uncertainty for Dan.

I am so excited. We had the same issue as yesterday, both going off to work and pretending everything is normal! Inside I just want to shout woo hoo and tell the world. It happened so quickly, neither of us can believe that I’m pregnant already. We are so lucky and I am so happy.

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