7 weeks pregnant
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At 7 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of blueberry! Well if there was any doubt I was pregnant the last week has certainly...
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I have been waiting for today for about 2 weeks now! When we found out I was pregnant I called my GP to find out...
When to tell people we are pregnant
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After the excitement of discovering we were pregnant, we are now in that limbo stage before you are able to share it with the...
5 weeks pregnant apple seed
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Yay, I've now reached another week into my pregnancy. At 5 weeks pregnant, I can definitely feel a change in my symptoms. While I've...
4 weeks pregnant maternity clothes
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When do you need to buy maternity clothes? Now I am pregnant I have a million questions and queries about the next 9 months! One...
Positive Clearblue digital pregnancy test
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After an initial negative test on day 23 (8 or 9 days post ovulation) then the
Pregnancy test review

We have been very careful in planning the timing of conception, attempting to give ourselves the best opportunity to get pregnant. Then you may...
Basal body temperature thermometer to monitor ovulation
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I’m on the 3rd month of using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (CBFM) to track my ovulation and fertile window. Almost a year ago, I...


pregnancy tests and results
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It’s been 10 days since our baby making activities and ever keen to write this month’s attempt off as ‘experience’ due to