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9 weeks pregnant journal and symptoms
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Yay, I’m another week through my pregnancy. Only 3 and a half weeks to go until my 12 week scan and I absolutely can’t...
8 weeks pregnant journal and symptoms
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Getting to 8 weeks pregnant felt like another great milestone to arrive at. This makes me now almost two thirds of the way through...
7 weeks pregnant
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At 7 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of blueberry! Well if there was any doubt I was pregnant the last week has certainly...
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I have been waiting for today for about 2 weeks now! When we found out I was pregnant I called my GP to find out...
5 weeks pregnant apple seed
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Yay, I've now reached another week into my pregnancy. At 5 weeks pregnant, I can definitely feel a change in my symptoms. While I've...
4 weeks pregnant maternity clothes
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When do you need to buy maternity clothes? Now I am pregnant I have a million questions and queries about the next 9 months! One...
Positive Clearblue digital pregnancy test
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After an initial negative test on day 23 (8 or 9 days post ovulation) then the
My first response pregnancy test with a faint line
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Since my earlier than expected ovulation day, there is a good chance that I could now be pregnant....
Basal body temperature thermometer to monitor ovulation
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I’m on the 3rd month of using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (CBFM) to track my ovulation and fertile window. Almost a year ago, I...
Clearblue Fertility Monitor Ovulation Strips
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Oh my gosh, I’m ovulating early! I have been monitoring my cycle very carefully for a while now and I’m now also using the Clearblue...


pregnancy tests and results
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It’s been 10 days since our baby making activities and ever keen to write this month’s attempt off as ‘experience’ due to