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best positions to get pregnant

Unfortunately it’s not as straightforward as a top 10-countdown list showing the proven best positions to get pregnant. There has been no specific scientific studies to date, showing any one position being better than another. Although there are some positions which may offer better chances and others you may want to avoid while trying to get pregnant.

Remember though, it’s possible to conceive in almost all sexual positions.

What are the best positions to get pregnant:

It is commonly believed the old favourite missionary position is likely to offer the most optimal conditions in which to get pregnant. In missionary position, the female’s pelvis and vagina are tilted upwards slightly. This means the cervix will be sitting lower, helping the natural flow of sperm downwards in the direction of the cervix. Or at least the theory goes. As mentioned there isn’t 100% proof to this, but it is commonly believed within the medical profession.

This slight downward flow also allows sperm the opportunity to stay within the vagina longer, rather than leaking out afterwards. You may wish to try accentuating the elevation of your hips by tucking a pillow under them. Again there is no specific proof this will help, but it should help keep the sperm inside longer.

Missionary position also allows for a more involved interaction between the couple, with face-to-face contact and the chance to kiss and embrace, while both have relative freedom to move. It allows the male to place the sperm deeper inside and closer to the cervix. While it is not essential for it to be placed close, any helping hand for the sperm could be advantageous to get pregnant.

Other best positions to get pregnant:

The following positions along with missionary position may potentially offer better circumstances in which to get pregnant.

Entry from behind position. Performed with the female kneeling and the male also kneeling or standing at the end of the bed behind her. As with missionary, this position can place the sperm closer to the cervix. If the female’s head is slightly lower than her hips, it can again assist in a natural flow of the sperm towards the cervix.

Side-by-side position. Performed while lying side by side, either facing or in a spooning position. It is one of the more comfortable positions and can allow for a relaxed baby making experience.

Positions you may wish to avoid while trying to get pregnant:

Whilst keeping in mind it is possible to get pregnant in most positions, there are a few you may prefer to avoid while trying to conceive.

You may wish to avoid positions with the female on top, whether sitting, kneeling or standing. They could offer disadvantages in conception due to the effects of gravity. The theory goes that these positions may discourage the sperm from swimming upstream towards the cervix. Hence not one of the best positions to get pregnant.

In summary:

Missionary Position – Good (kind of). Allows the sperm to be placed closer to the cervix
Standing Positions – Bad (kind of). The sperm will have to work upstream against gravity

More important than best positions to get pregnant:

When baby making, there are much more important considerations than the best positions to get pregnant, if you would like to give yourself optimum chances of conceiving. Read more about how timing is crucial.

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