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9 weeks pregnant journal and symptoms

Yay, I’m another week through my pregnancy. Only 3 and a half weeks to go until my 12 week scan and I absolutely can’t wait.

Baby Size and Development at 9 weeks:

Webbed fingers have opened up, facial features are developing and the tail has gone. And she has now been promoted to a fetus from an embryo!

9 weeks pregnant symptoms:

Unfortunately for not only me but those in my close proximity, I have started getting a bit more wind in the form of flatulence to go along with my continued burping! Great. This is due to the increase in progesterone during pregnancy, my digestive muscles are more relaxed annoyingly resulting in wind, bloating and indigestion.

I’ve also started having headaches this week. Before I got to 9 weeks pregnant, I had the odd one or two headaches but they have now increased in frequency. They are only mild and don’t stick around for too long so they are not so much of a bother. I read headaches in the first trimester are quite common due to hormones, increased blood circulation and other related things. They should pass in the coming weeks.

Mood Swings
Something I’ve not mentioned yet in my pregnancy symptoms are mood swings. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a lot so far but I’m not sure that I’m the best judge! Perhaps I’ll ask Dan what he thinks! This week, I have been extra grumpy at work, then a brief chat with a friend will perk me right up and I’ll be happy again. I think this is more of a mood swing than I would normally experience so perhaps it has started. Watch out – I may be reaching for the tissues soon for absolutely no reason!

Stuffy Nose
I already had bad hay fever this year, worsened by not being able to take antihistamines during pregnancy. Now that has cleared up I have noticed this week that I’ve had a blocked nose. It could be the start of a cold or may be a spot of pregnancy rhinitis, caused by swelling in tiny blood vessels in the nose and increased mucus production.

Aches and Pains
As I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis I have unfortunately had a few flares in early pregnancy. My wrists and shoulders have been sore and my knees have played up a little bit. Around 75% of women with RA should see an improvement in their symptoms particularly in the second trimester so I will keep my sore fingers crossed! The fatigue associated with pregnancy doesn’t help, as this is also a symptom of RA that I often battle with. Some days I feel really completely wiped out but I have full support from my doctor and midwife should I need it – not to mention the extra support I always have from my husband, which I am forever grateful for.

Weight Gain
As well as my ever-increasing bloated belly, I have definitely put on about 3 pounds by 9 weeks pregnant. Allowing for normal fluctuations, I’m averaging 3lbs more than I was. I found a good weight gain tracker from http://www.calculator.net (http://www.calculator.net/pregnancy-weight-gain-calculator.html). According to this and a couple of others I checked I’m about right for my gestation but nearing the high side.

Onwards and upwards (or outwards…!) to week 10.

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