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8 weeks pregnant journal and symptoms

Getting to 8 weeks pregnant felt like another great milestone to arrive at. This makes me now almost two thirds of the way through my first trimester. I’ve missed 2 periods, still feel sick all day long, every day, have very tender breasts and can’t wait to get home from work for a nap!

Baby size at 8 weeks:

It’s a real comfort to know how large the embryo is at 8 weeks – last week was a blueberry so in comparison a lot of growth has happened. My belly is ever protruding and I’ve now given up on thinking I had just overindulged my food. Even if I try to pull everything in, I see and feel a solid lump below my belly button. I researched a few belly pictures in the first trimester to see if this was common. I found quite mixed results. Depending on your size before becoming pregnant, you may or may not notice any significant changes yet. If it’s your first pregnancy, you’re also less likely to see much change in the early days, however, your clothes are probably getting tight. I also wonder if fitness level and stomach muscles have anything to do with it. I am petite but have the opposite of a washboard stomach! There is not much rigidity there so I can only imagine with a uterus that’s now doubled in size and all the extra fluid and blood being produced, it seems to want to all hang out. Oh well, at least it’s there for a reason. I have noticed myself resting my hand on my belly in a very pregnant lady fashion too – definitely one to watch out for when it’s still supposed to be a secret! It’s very comforting though and I understand now why I often see Mums-to-be stroking their bellies and giving their unborn babies a bit of extra love.

New week 8 pregnancy symptoms:

  • Waking in the night to pee (this is something I very rarely do normally)
  • Waking in the night due to feeling uncomfortable
  • Continued sore and tender breasts, nipples now feel quite uncomfortable after a few hours strapped up in my bra
  • My coccyx is bothering me, it’s a bit sore and I have to keep shifting sitting position to change the pressure on it. I read that leaning forwards can relief the pressure on your coccyx during pregnancy
  • Heightened sense of smell – I’ve never noticed the smell of so many men’s aftershave and it’s very off putting!
  • Extreme tiredness – napping everyday is essential as well as going to bed super early and sleeping through to my morning alarm (apart from the night trips to the bathroom of course)
  • Still burping away (often!)

Approaching week 8 we also told our families that we are expecting, which felt terrific!

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