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7 weeks pregnant

At 7 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of blueberry! Well if there was any doubt I was pregnant the last week has certainly sorted that out! In terms of week 7 pregnancy symptoms, I have no new ones, but they are getting extreme.

Very Tender Breasts
I’ve had to purchase some non-wired bras with a bit of extra room as my normal bras were getting tight, restrictive and started digging in. Of an evening when I took it off for bed, I would get shooting pains in my breasts, they felt so heavy and hot too. I had quite a job finding a good, supportive bra in my size. I have noticed that some pregnant women seem to just let them hang out throughout pregnancy (obviously in a bra, just not a very structured one). I did not want to be one of those women whose boobs fall under their arms as they sit back in a chair! A lot of maternity bras are quite unstructured and to make choice even more limited, many are also nursing bras so they have hooks to unclip the cup for breastfeeding. I wasn’t interested in one of those yet (gosh – I’m only 7 weeks!). Instead, I found a couple of bras with a very structured foam cup, importantly no wire and very flexible material and bands. Although it’s a bit thicker than a cotton bra, so could add a bit of bulk, I like the support and shape it gave me. Here’s the bra by Freya that I bought and one by Mothercare.

Something I didn’t expect was my back size to change so soon, but with my new bras in a larger cup size, the back size was starting to cut in after a long day of wearing it. It’s not so much that it’s too small, I still measure up at the same size, it’s just the comfort. With them being new bras that haven’t yet been worn in, I found that by the end of the day the band was just very uncomfortable and I needed some breathing room. I found these handy bra hook extenders which have given me instant relief by extending the band by less than half an inch.

Bloated Stomach
Now this one feels really silly. My embryo is the size of a blueberry. Hardly noticeable, size wise, compared to the size of my abdomen, but boy are my jeans and trousers tight! Once again I’m only 7 weeks pregnant so I’m not about to go and buy maternity jeans just yet! It feels silly as obviously my baby/babies is so small that it’s not the size of the embryo that’s making my trousers tight. However, my uterus has now doubled in size, I am retaining more water (yes that’s still possible, despite all the peeing), and my body has increased the amount of blood to carry more nutrients to my developing baby. As a result, my clothes are feeling a bit tight and it was time to explore some temporary options.

I found this product designed by a mum-to-be, which fits the bill right now. It’s a belly belt extender that you attach to your regular trousers or jeans and gives you some extra room in these early days. The pack comes with a 2 sizes of belts – a small and a large and 2 types, buttons and sliders (so you get 4 belt extenders). Both sizes have multiple buttons/sliders so they adjust depending on your size. You can also join them together to give you a super long belt. Also included in the pack are some fabric patches that you can use to cover your zipper if it won’t do up. Of course, you will still want to wear a top long enough to cover the handy gadget as you don’t want to show the world you can’t do your pants up properly. It’s great so far, I’ve been using it for a week and before hand I secretly just left my button open under my tops, which is a bit more risky. They should last me a while throughout pregnancy as long as my legs don’t get much bigger, this way I can still wear my favorite jeans or reduce the need to spend money on maternity trousers for work even.

Feeling Sick
It’s pretty well known now that morning sickness doesn’t just hit you in the morning – it’s common to suffer from nausea during the first trimester and I have certainly felt nauseous since week 4. This week it has stepped up a level with the feelings of nausea being so strong that it’s made me gag! Not very pleasant – particularly when it’s hit me at my desk at work or in the corridor. I haven’t actually been sick yet which is great news as I’m sure that would be worse, however, I also wonder if I was to vomit whether the feeling of nausea would then clear?

Things I normally enjoy and consume a lot of are making my stomach turn. Water is the worst culprit. I drink lots of water throughout the day and am one of the few that prefer a nice glass of water over sugary drinks or hot drinks. If I drink more than an 8oz glass in one go, I feel very nauseous and worry it will come back up.

I tend to feel worse on an empty stomach too. I therefore try to have little snacks throughout the day or drink some milk. The run up to bedtime and trying to get to sleep are particularly tough, perhaps from being more hungry then but also I think lying down churns everything around.

Extreme Tiredness
I have rheumatoid arthritis (said before?) and suffer from fatigue as it is. Week 7 has taken it right out of me. I am extremely tired and can’t do very much at all without getting incredibly worn out. I started taking naps about a week ago, perhaps every other day but now need an additional hour nap every day. I am going to bed earlier – we’re in a pretty good sleep routine of bed at 12pm and up at 8am, but the last couple of weeks, I’ve needed to get to bed by 11pm and struggle to get up at 8am now.

Due to my health condition, my fitness levels are vey low. I go swimming once a week and try to go for a long walk 2 or 3 times a week. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new sport or anything too strenuous that you are not used to. Particularly as you start producing a hormone called relaxin that softens your pelvic ligaments, which can increase the risk of injury. I think this has a huge impact on how I’m feeling and in hindsight wish I’d built up my fitness and stamina before I became pregnant.

I think these are the biggest 7-week pregnancy symptoms worth discussing. I only hope the feeling of nausea starts to fade soon.

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