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When to tell people we are pregnant

After the excitement of discovering we were pregnant, we are now in that limbo stage before you are able to share it with the world. It’s tough let me tell you!

I think I was starting to feel some early baby blues (I know that’s a female only thing btw)! Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the most exciting times of my life, but you just can’t share it with anyone yet. I’m certainly riding those waves of emotion. The excitement of telling our parents is a hard one to resist.

Conversely, as time is going on, this is our little secret; I now don’t want others to know it. I’m enjoying it being our thing. It comes with a certain power and satisfaction.

So when should you tell people?

The simple answer is whenever ‘you’ want to; it’s your pregnancy.

However, many recommend waiting until around the 12-week mark. Why? As you enter your second trimester the risks of miscarriage reduce significantly.

The early stages of pregnancy can sadly be the riskiest part of pregnancy and unfortunately more babies don’t make it than you might expect. Things such as your health, age and lifestyle can have a bearing on the your success. Even more reason when you are planning a pregnancy to take measures to offer yourself the best chances and consider any necessary lifestyle changes needed.

As I’m sure you will know from our other posts this is our first pregnancy and Jen is in her 30’s. We are both aware of the risks in the early stages of pregnancy, and why we talked at length about when to tell people. We decided we are, and have to be positive about it, and know all will go well. We feel we would like to confide in close family members.

Some advise that you may wish to tell close family and or a friend who has been through pregnancy. This way you will firstly, have the excitement of telling someone but more importantly have the support and advice of others. Remember though, as hard as it is for you to keep the fantastic news inside, it will likely be the same challenge for whomever you tell!

We talked it through as to when and whom we might tell. We came to the conclusion that actually we did want to tell close family. We are now only 5 weeks in to pregnancy, but it just feels right for us to do so.

We had a visit from Jen’s sister over the weekend. Mostly with excitement to just actually tell someone but more for the avoidance of any awkward situations (when I say awkward, yes I’m afraid to say of course I mean the whole alcohol situation and the avoidance during pregnancy) we decided we would tell her.

We came up with a little scenario we would say to hint at it, then told her. Her first response was ‘I had an inkling you were going to say that’. Now I have to be honest, when she arrived I had forgotten that Jen was hoping to mention it to her, so she certainly didn’t get any vibes from me. Jen on the other hand, well she was likely oozing them! But it leads me to wonder, in this situation is it female intuition, sibling intuition or when you are expecting do you just exude the excitement subconsciously? Now Jen’s worried about the signals she may be offering to work colleagues, particularly her boss!

Now all we need to do is think of exciting or interesting ways to announce it to people. I don’t want to be one of those people who boringly announce it on Facebook. This is more important than a Facebook status update and needs a personal attachment.

Our next step, tell the parents.


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