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5 weeks pregnant apple seed

Yay, I’ve now reached another week into my pregnancy. At 5 weeks pregnant, I can definitely feel a change in my symptoms. While I’ve had some pregnancy symptoms since the initial few days after conception, they were only very mild. I couldn’t even necessarily say they were early pregnancy symptoms, however, due to their combination they all indicate that they were pregnancy symptoms. This morning, starting my sixth week, I woke up feeling nauseous and could barley stomach breakfast! Rather than let this disturb me however, I took pleasure in knowing that I was experiencing mild morning sickness which made me smile and joked how good it was to feel it with my husband – “you won’t be saying that in 2 weeks” he said!

Baby size at 5 weeks pregnant: Apple seed

Below is a list of all the pregnancy symptoms I have felt today (at 5 weeks pregnant)

Note: 5 weeks pregnant includes 2 weeks of not actually being pregnant due to the way pregnancy is dated, so these may also be seen as 3 weeks pregnant symptoms.

I feel sick/nauseous
I keep burping (this one’s very strange for me – and started in week 3)
I have a mild headache
I have cramps and pulls in my tummy
I’m soooo tired
I feel faint/light headed
I keep getting out of breath (literally, just sitting at my desk!)
Not to mention awful hay fever symptoms due to the time of year and not being able to take antihistamines
I have really sore boobs! When I take off my bra at night they hurt so much!

Now onto another inconvenient symptom of being 5 weeks pregnant – peeing a lot. I’m one of those people that constantly have a 20oz glass of water on my desk and drink plenty throughout the day. As a result, I do have to take frequent comfort breaks and am sure to pop to the restroom between meetings. When I read up on pregnancy symptoms I found that needing to pee more often was quite common in pregnancy. Not more often than I already go I thought – I go enough. But no, sure enough, instead of every 45 minutes, it’s now every 20 mins if I’ve drunk a lot. I’ve already had to exit 2 meetings for a quick comfort break.

At least people are used to me having a weak bladder, hopefully they won’t notice an increase in frequency. The feeling of nausea and the frequent burping are probably the most unpleasant things so far in being 5 weeks pregnant. By noon, my stomach had just about settled and the burping had subsided. Unfortunately it was then lunchtime…back to square one.

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