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4 weeks pregnant maternity clothes

When do you need to buy maternity clothes?

Now I am pregnant I have a million questions and queries about the next 9 months! One of those thoughts is maternity clothes. How quickly is my body going to change and by how much? I’m quite a petite person (5′ 2″and size 8-10). Always been big up top and wear a 32F bra. Within the first couple of weeks after conception, my breasts felt sore and swollen already. I have put on a little weight in the last year so a lot of my clothes are already verging on the tight side as I was hoping to have lost a few pounds rather than buying new clothes. Now that I am pregnant however, I can only see myself getting bigger! I’m a cautious spender – I don’t buy things unnecessarily and rarely fork out on new clothes. It tends to be if I’m desperate for work clothes or a change in season that prompts a shopping spree. So, I want to buy maternity clothes that I will get a lot of use out of. As my current wardrobe is already a little tight, I also want to ensure that my pregnancy is not revealed sooner from non-discrete clothing!

When a colleague of mine was about 10 weeks pregnant, she was getting ready for work after a weekend and suddenly none of her smart work trousers or skirts would do up! She had to do an emergency shop and call in work to say she’d be a bit late. I certainly don’t want to be caught short in that scenario so I’m thinking I will plan ahead and stock up on some wardrobe essentials. I have read up a little bit on timing and most articles suggest body changes start in the second trimester. This starts at week 13. However, depending on your number of pregnancies, you’re age, if you are having a multiple birth and your size, you may notice a bump developing and swollen breasts earlier (or later) than week 13.

I think I will get myself some smart black trousers in the next size up just in case and perhaps some looser tops and blouses to conceal those boobs!

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