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My first response pregnancy test with a faint line

Since my earlier than expected ovulation day, there is a good chance that I could now be pregnant. I’ve been (im)patiently waiting to find out – it takes around 5-7 days after ovulation for the fertilized egg to travel down the fallopian tube and implant in the uterine lining. Only at this point do you start producing the hCG hormone detectable in pregnancy test kits. I purchased my pregnancy test kit online a couple of weeks ago knowing that now we had started trying; I would need them to test. You can read about my pregnancy test comparison here.

I checked various test kits and opted for the First Response pregnancy test as it can detect the hCG hormone a bit earlier than other pregnancy tests on the market. I got a couple of free generic tests with it (those used in doctors surgeries etc.). On Saturday it was 6 days before my period was due so I took a test. I only used one of the free generic pregnancy tests as I still thought it could be a bit too early and didn’t want to waste the more expensive First Response test. It was negative. So ho-hum, didn’t really tell us very much – as there was a good chance it could be a false negative due to testing too early. Not to mention, we were not so confident in success as it was only our first attempt and we had the timing issue with early ovulation.

We left it on Sunday and Monday morning arrived – we ummed and ahed over doing another pregnancy test (now 4 days before my period was due). Eventually we decided to go ahead and use the First Response pregnancy test. This indicates pregnancy by showing 2 lines in the results panel. I took the pregnancy test and then set the timer for 3 minutes for the results to develop.

After almost 2 minutes, there was just a single, clear dark line (the control line). We had the pregnancy test on a cabinet about knee height to where we were standing. We both commented on seeing the single red line, “oh well, as we thought, another negative” I said. “I can definitely only see 1 line”. At that point, nearing 2 mins 30 secs, I picked up the test and took a closer look – and there it was – to our complete surprise, a faint second line was visible. Yes, it was very faint, but clearly there. After examining my fertility monitor test sticks for the last 3 months, I got used to spotting very faint lines! My husband isn’t too sure yet. He agrees there is a 2nd line but would like the test to have been a bit more definitive! Most of our surprise is because it’s the first month we have tried to conceive. I’m 34 years old and we have been (successfully) not getting pregnant for 15 years! So it just seems too good to be true to have become pregnant first time.

This brings me back to the pregnancy test results. When I compared the pregnancy test kits, I discounted the slightly more expensive Clearblue pregnancy test for the cheaper, earlier detecting First Response Kit. The Clearblue, however, interprets the pregnancy test results for you and instead of showing a faint line (leaving an element of interpretation), it should actually display the word “pregnant” or words “not pregnant”. After this morning’s pregnancy test, I can really see the benefit of this test! Yes there was a faint line, but as it was faint, it left room for doubt. Rather than us closely examining the faint line and weighing up how accurate it is, the word itself would have been much clearer. When I was reading about them I foolishly thought “who can’t tell the difference between 1 and 2 lines?”, in fact I think I even commented on it in my post on comparing pregnancy tests. Well when emotions are high at the time of doing the pregnancy test, believe me, science and logic goes out the window!

We will test again tomorrow and hope for a stronger 2nd line – another day should allow for more hCG hormone to accumulate in my urine.

My gosh, I am pretty overwhelmed today to say the least! This could actually be it!

As Dan was so much more unconvinced with the pregnancy test being correct, when I arrived home from work he had been out and bought a Clearblue digital test! Read about our next experience with the Clearblue digital pregnancy test next, then read about Dan’s experience on the faint line pregnancy test here!

As I mentioned in my pregnancy test comparison page, only the UK version of the Clearblue test comes with the conception indicator.

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